Speaking Cycle 4: Scary films!


1. Activating

· How many different kinds of film can you think of?

· How do people normally feel when they watch each kind of film?

Short video extracts of the ‘Activating’ stage in action can be seen here:

Activating: eliciting types of films

Activating: eliciting how films make us feel

2. Sharing

· Think of some examples of scary films which you have seen.

· Work in groups of three. Tell the rest of your group about any scary films which you have seen. As you listen to your partners, decide if you have had any similar experiences watching a film.

3. Preparing

· Choose one experience of one member of your group. One of you is going to tell the rest of the class about this experience (it doesn’t matter if the person who speaks is the person who had the experience or if they talk about the experience of someone else in their group).

· Spend 15 minutes, as a group, preparing what the speaker is going to say. Think about a) information, such as what the film was, when and where the person saw it, and with whom; why it was scary; what effect the film had on the person; whether the person would be just as scared if they saw it again; and b) the organisation and structure of what the speaker will say.

4. Performing

· The speaker from each group talks to the rest of the class.

· As you are listening to other speakers, try to answer the following questions:

a) What is the name of the film?

b) When and where did the person see it, and who were they with?

c) Why did the person find the film scary?

d) How did the person feel after seeing the film?

e) How would you feel in the same situation?

5. Reporting

· When you have heard the speaker from each group, check your answers to the questions with the other members of your group.

· As a group, decide which film was the scariest and which of the people you have heard about is, in your opinion, most easily scared by films.


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