Speaking Cycle 16: Mythbusting


1. Activating

· What different mythological or legendary characters can you think of?

· What different qualities do characters in myths and legends have?

2. Sharing

· Think of one or more myths or legends associated with your country.

· Work in groups of three. Tell your group about some of these myths and legends. As you listen to your partners, decide if you have similar myths in your country.

3. Preparing

· Choose one experience of one member of your group. One of you is going to tell the rest of the class about this experience (it doesn’t matter if the person who speaks is the person who described the myth or if they talk about a myth described by someone else in their group).

· Spend 15 minutes, as a group, preparing what the speaker is going to say. Think about a) information, such as what different people or characters form the myth; what time and place the myth is associated with; what are the main events connected with the myth; and what are the modern-day consequences or legacies of the myth; and b) the organisation and structure of what the speaker will say.

4. Performing

· The speaker from each group talks to the rest of the class.

· As you are listening to other speakers, try to answer the following questions.

a) What characters does the story involve?

b) What time and place is associated with the story?

c) What events are associated with the story?

d) What consequences of the story are evident today?

e) Why do people believe the story?

5. Reporting

· When you have heard the speaker from each group, check your answers to the questions with the other members of your group.

· As a group, decide which of the myths you have heard about, in your opinion, is more based in fact.


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