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…to the website of the Speaking Cyclist, an English Language teacher, trainer and author who believes the best teaching material is the students themselves! A speaking cycle is a simple template for highly-personalised speaking practice with students at any level. New cycles, all following the same template and useable immediately with minimal preparation, will be posted regularly. In the meantime, ‘Speaking Cycles – A Brief Introduction’ and ‘Speaking Cycles – Behind The Scenes’ provide further details.

My name is Mark Lloyd. I am a language school principal, teacher trainer and author, and a former Director of Studies. I live and work in the city of Bath, in the south-west of England. I am passionate about language learning, language teaching, and education in general, and have a particular interest in the roles played by cultural heritage and imagery in language use, language evolution, and language acquisition. 

Books and courses which I have written or contributed to include include Active Grammar, English Unlimited, KET for Schools Direct, PET Direct and Face2Face (CUP), Framework, New Framework and The Big Picture (Richmond), and The Business, In Company and masterMind (Macmillan). I have also published articles in Modern English Teacher and several other ELT journals.

I have spoken and led workshops at IATEFL, English UK, TESOL and other teacher-training events in the UK, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Albania.


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